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    Hand crafted custom made Cosplay

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How to make a Commission


Hand crafted custom made Cosplay


Sakura Custom-made Cosplay are quality costumes crafted by our qualified staff in the best of Brazilian art and artisan traditions. Each Cosplay/ Costume is a unique creation formed to the measures of each customer. For that reason do we not have any products in stock. All listed products have already been produced.       

How does it work?

If you don't find what you are looking for in our categories, we will be delighted to make your Cosplay, costume, boots or weapon for you.

It all starts with you sending photos/images of your character. We try to be as loyal as practical possible to the original figure. You can upload images/photos directly here on our chat, or on our email: mail@Sakura-Costumes.com

We will make research on the character and base our price offer on the best and most adequate materials, and the time we have use to fabricate your Cosplay/costume.

When we make a deal, on an existing product in our shop or on a new costume, we will send you a detailed list of specific measures we need to make your custom Cosplay/ costume or shoe/boats.

When you contact us please indicate when you plan to use your Cosplay, so we can integrate it in our planning of work.

We will send you photos of your Cosplay to ensure that the final product honor your expectations. We will when ever possible try to test functionality and mobility and make photos of the Cosplay/ costume on a real person.

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